Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Best Words This Week: "Post-Morteming", "Rant-tracting" and "Pre-leting"

Back for another edition of "The Best Words This Week".  (See this post for the original.)

 My brother commented on Facebook towards the end of the week that he sometimes types a long, angry rant to post and then ends up deleting the whole thing before posting it.  Several people commented that they do the same, which got me to thinking that we really need to coin a term for this.  (Does anybody else remember Rich Hall from SNL and his "Sniglets"?)  I have been known to wax poetic on a rant or two as well, only to eradicate the whole thing before sending it public, and I know some of you do too. In my defense, it's usually only a reaction to someone else's pseudo-noble pontifications.  Anyway, I came up with a few possibilities that I shared with him and other followers of that post.

1) "Post"- Morteming -  Get it?  You kill the "post" before it ever gets any read time?

Then I tried another.

2) "Rant"-tracting (or maybe it's better as a noun, as in, "I did another "rant-traction" today.")  You take your soapbox moment back before you post it.

And finally, I came up with one more:

3) Pre-leting
You have to pronounce this so it rhymes with "deleting".  Because you're reaching for the backspace key the moment you type the last key of that rant.  Because you realize the fool you're reacting to is only to happy to keep right on keeping on. 

Of course, some people also said he shouldn't hold back and just post whatever he wants.  But I'm kinda at this point with the FB by now:

One Does Not Simply - One does not simply change someone's mind on the internet

Nope.  You don't.  Boromir for the win again.  Frankly, you've got a better chance of walking into Mordor.