Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What's Up, Wednesday? I'm BAAAAAAAACK!

It was the middle of March the last time I did a Wednesday post.  I only know that because Blogger dates these posts for me.  From that point until now has been one big blur, but I'll try to recap:

First there was Spring Break and Easter:
 Early dismissal for Spring Break meant lunch at a local burger joint with its distinctive chicken car.


 How cute is this place?

 Just a quick trip to a winery before we ran home...
 to dye Easter eggs.

Then my daughter graduated from 8th grade.  She's been at her school since she was 4 years old, so this was a big deal for us.

Don't forget Mother's Day...

Then my son turned 12.  Next year I'll have two teenagers. ?

Then my daughter had her Confirmation. 

Somewhere in there, I interviewed for and was offered a job teaching second grade at a different school in my same district that I accepted.

My new school's mascot is a dragon.  How cool is that for this GoT fangirl?

And then the end of the school year was upon us, and I had to move everything out of my classroom yet again this year.  So after lots of packing and trips to the car and my husband's truck,  my classroom was all nice & empty...

but here's what my garage looks like right now:

My daughter's dance recital weekend was last weekend.  It was four shows from Thursday to Sunday.

Then my husband and I made a quick three day get-away for our 15th wedding anniversary.

And then we had Father's Day at our house on Sunday.

The Four Dads - picture credit goes to my brother's awesome gal

Taco Bar for Father's Day!

So, I think that hits the major points thus far. 

I'm back now and ready to get to more regular posting.  I haven't done a Book Receipt Post since February because...well, I hadn't read any books until this month.  Sad.  I intend to remedy that this month as well!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What's Up, Wednesday?

It's been two weeks since a Wednesday post, so here I am.  What a time it's been.

First of all, the girl turned 14.  I fully intend to write a longer post about this, but I've also been trying not to dwell on it, so naturally it's a bit difficult to write about something you are trying not to think about.  Let's just leave it at "I-had-a-breakdown-listening-to "It Won't Be Like This For Long" by- Darius-Rucker-the-week-of-her-birthday" for the moment.  We good with that?  Okay, moving on...


 Mardi Gras came and went.  I love this King's Cake we get from a local bakery.  And I pretty much ate the whole thing myself and then had to downshift for Ash Wednesday. If you talked to me that day, I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry.


and good-bye 

What else?  The weather has been manic depressive of late.  Take your lithium, Mother Nature.  I fear there will be no blueberries this summer. 

Last week...
...and this Monday 

Just one more thing...There are times when I get fully fed up with my job.  I've mentioned a few times on the blog what I think we're doing wrong in education these days, but I don't like to go off on long rants about much of anything, let alone testing and pushing things on kids too early.   But then there are things like this:

And I fall in love with an abusive partner all over again. 

I read this in Big Magic by Liz Gilbert over a year ago and it's still hanging around in the attic of my brain.  Gilbert says, "I recently read a fabulous blog by a writer named Mark Manson, who said that the secret of finding your purpose in life is to answer the question in total honesty: 'What's your favorite flavor of shit sandwich?'  What Manson means is that every single pursuit- no matter how wonderful and exciting and glamorous it may seem - comes with its own brand of shit sandwich, its own lousy side effects.  As Manson writes with profound wisdom 'Everything sucks, some of the time.'  You just have to decide what sort of suckage you're willing to deal with.  So the question is not so much, 'What are you passionate about?'  The question is, 'What are you passionate enough about that you can endure the most disagreeable aspects of the work?"  

I've had many people tell me, "You should quit your job teaching if you find it frustrating and just become a writer already."  And I answer, "Like that's not frustrating too?  And I already am a writer.  All you have to do to be a writer is write.  Somebody doesn't have to pay you to do it."

Even writing for a living would suck some of the time, even though I'm passionate about it too.  If you don't agree that everything sucks some of the time, well, we most likely won't have a whole lot to talk about.  Probably not even the weather...

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Up, Wednesday?

Valentine's Day fell squarely on the suckiest day of the week this year, aka Tuesday.  Because of this, I did our annual Valentine's Day Breakfast on the Saturday before.

Omg, those Paczki with raspberry filling...

I bought some really cute Valentine's Day stuff from the Target Dollar Spot this year, but this banner with its little clips just may be my favorite.  Look how adorable it is with our Valentine cards on it!!!!

And Tuesday wasn't so bad after all because my husband got lunch from Panera and delivered it to me at work.  He also got me some bee-you-tiful flowers.  I love that guy.

We also went to see the Lego Batman movie.  Loved.

Our washing machine experienced a hiccup. 

A bearing was bad, but luckily Dan knew that and rustled us up a new one and replaced it.  He had it up and running the next day.  This makes me want to go into a long tirade about the importance of teaching things like this in school since this probably saved us the cost of a new washing machine.  I won't go into said long tirade because I think I just made my point in the previous sentence.  Take that, PARCC.


This is my new Plunder Posse.  It's a pineapple necklace and earrings!  It could not have pleased me more. 

Teacher friends, I have found the Holy Grail of school supplies - the glue sponge.  I saw these on Pinterest this summer but I'm never a believer of any Pinterest hack until I try it.  These take the most worthless school supply of all, the bottle of white glue that works exactly one time before it somehow dries up and can never be squeezed again without the aid of a paper clip plunger (and even then it still doesn't work like it originally did) and makes it into glue kids can actually use all year!!!!!    Now I hear what you're saying.  "That's crazy talk, Kim!"   But trust me friends.

Then there's this: I feel like I keep getting drawn towards preschool age things.  Yes, I did buy some toys this week that nobody who lives in my house will play with.  I also bought some books that are even a little young for the second graders I teach (although I'll still take them to work and they will love them).  I'm trying to figure out what this means. I feel like it means something.  I'll figure it out one of these days.  Until then, I'll just keep letting it lead me to these lovely things.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What's Up, Wednesday?

I'm going to lead off with  - It snowed all afternoon today!!! Never mind that it was close to 60 and foggy the two previous days or that it's going to be warm again this weekend.  This was beautiful.  We had early dismissal today due to teacher meetings, which meant I got to gaze out our library windows all afternoon, watching the snow fall.

Tyrion got a little snowy.

Now just a couple, three, four things more...

I debuted my Plunder jewelry page this weekend, Kim's Plunder this weekend.  Check it out!  I am swooning over this jewelry.  If you'd like to earn some free, gorgeous baubles, let me know.  We can do a FB party or a "in real life" party.  Here are few of my faves:

Two obvious things: 1) I cannot afford a professional (aka: good)  model and 2) These are taken in my classroom before school starts so that I still look like a human being.

We took the kids and hit an Illini game this weekend...but not just any Illini game, an Illini game with a showing of the Cubs World Series trophy.  Yay!!!  We got a pretty good package deal for their Social Media Day - four tickets, four t-shirts, four foam basketballs, and $40 in concession vouchers for under $100. 

Sock of the Month arrived this week too.  This was a Christmas gift for my husband and me.  These socks are made right here in America.  (I'm also kind of loving that our pairs coordinate, if you want to know the truth.)



Aaaaaaaand I started this book:

At the start this is reminding me of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier which I loved.  But it's its own person too.  If that makes any sense.  (Trust me, it does if you're read them both.)