Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Men Plan...

You've heard the saying, "Men plan and God laughs."  Yes?  Good.

Yesterday I shared a post about our Summer Schedule and said I was going to try to post every day about what we did and how it went. I really want to try to step it up with posting more often, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  So today was Tuesday which meant either a trip to the library or somewhere else.  We had just been to the library on Saturday, so I was thinking maybe a trip to the beach 30 miles away.  We haven't been there since my daughter was two.  But then we woke up to rain.

Not a problem, I thought.  Maybe we could use our tickets to the Children's Museum that the kids earned in the summer reading program last summer.  (Just on a side note, I hate going to the Children's Museum.  I think it's a great place.  I'm glad my city has one.  My kids love it.  But for me, it is just two hours of unmitigated noise.  I'm not the mom you see playing in the pretend grocery store or forming giant bubbles in the bubble table.  I'm the one with the pained expression on her face on the bench.)  Then my daughter came downstairs and told me she had a bad earache.  So I ended up scheduling a doctor's appointment for the afternoon instead.  This was even less fun for me than the Children's Museum. 

Okay, I thought, I can still get my workout in on the treadmill which I also mentioned in yesterday's post.  Guess what?  I'm afraid that after four years, the treadmill has picked this summer to hand in its resignation sans the two week's notice.  It seems to be a problem in the digital controls instead of a mechanical issue that my husband could almost certainly fix.  Perfect.

So after the doctor's office where we learned she has a case of swimmer's ear (not surprising since she has been in our pool every day for the last three weeks), we settled for stopping at the new frozen yogurt place out by the mall that we had yet to visit before picking up her ear drops.

So the best laid plans sometimes go astray.  Or when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Or - well, I don't want to kill you with more clichés. I like the one in the title best anyway.



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