Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Old Friend, The Crockpot

The crockpot is my friend.  I have a feeling a lot of working moms feel this way. Throw a bunch of ingredients in it in the morning and come home to a meal. Even better, they now make crockpot liners, so clean up is a snap.  I actually have three crockpots of different sizes (four if you count the pressure cooker I got from my mom that has a delayed timer slow cooker function.  Love this).  This winter I bought this one because it was super cute and only $16.  I really wish they would do more patterns like this with boring looking appliances.  Most of my kitchen appliances are black, so I felt like I needed this new guy to jazz things up.

Hello, Gorgeous

But then I got to feeling bad for this guy...

Is it weird to personify your slow cooker?  Never mind, I already know the answer to that.  Anyway, this guy is the workhorse of the crockpots in my house.  He is the biggest one I own, so he is the one who gets the call of duty for family gatherings and other parties in addition to feeding my family on a regular evening.  Big job or small, he always answers the call.  He's the one that gets taken out to chili suppers at my children's school or toted to potlucks at work.  He's been beaten and banged up through pulled pork, chili, taco and potato soup, chicken and noodles, and pot roast.  He also helped me turn several bushels of apples into applesauce this fall and can make a gigantic batch of refried beans like you wouldn't believe.  I felt like he deserved a makeover.

So I was browsing Pinterest one night and saw this pin.  I knew it would be just the thing to give this guy a new lease on life.

First I scrubbed the surround and took off the little dial.   Then I flipped it over and gave it a quick spray tan with my handy chalkboard spray paint.  If  you don't have any of this stuff, you need to get some.  Seriously.  After a 20 minute drying time, I gave it a second coat and let it dry out in the sun.  Then I snapped the little dial right back on it.

After 24 hours, I primed the surround by rubbing chalk all over it and then wiping it off with a damp paper towel, as per the instructions on the spray paint can.

And now a Before and After shot...


and After!


Now I can let everyone know what's inside at parties and potlucks.  And I feel so much better about this guy's outlook on life.  We all deserve a new look from time to time, especially when we've worked so hard.  Now on to mod podge-ing the toaster...

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  1. That is so cute and creative! I had no idea you could jazz up a crockpot like that. Love it! Cheers - Ellen