Thursday, December 31, 2015

Putting the Punctuation at the End of 2015

Christmas!  My favorite of all the holidays!  This year our Christmas was different in many ways but still wonderful.

Since my daughter was born, we have hosted Christmas Eve at our house.  I loved doing this in many ways, but it is a lot of work for us.  This year we switched things up to make travel easier on my parents.  Our kids are older now and their presents are getting smaller, so we are more portable than we used to be.  We had Christmas Eve at my parent's house.  It felt a little strange at first to not be cleaning and cooking for several days before Christmas Eve, but you know what?  It was actually quite nice to be free of the work.

Christmas morning we opened more presents.

 (It was all about the books this year for her.  And I loved that.)

Then we made a huge Christmas brunch.  Buffet style, baby.  All the way.

It is becoming more and more evident that the girl is growing up, as she took her gifts upstairs and spent the rest of the day reading her books and listening to music with her new headphones.  The boy was in heaven as he had new Wii U games to play.  I took a nice nap in the afternoon, and my husband began hooking up all the new electronics.  "Everybody gets to do what they want on Christmas Day" has always been my way of thinking.

A few days after Christmas, we ventured out and saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  If I thought The Peanuts Movie (which we saw earlier in the year) made me nostalgic, then this one made me downright wistful for the 70's.  I literally sat up, gasped, and did a little not-quite-silent applause when Han Solo and Chewbacca stepped onto the screen about 30 minutes into the movie.

Tonight we prepare to ring in 2016.  Even if it's just the four of us, it's enough for me to make it a party.  To celebrate everybody gets their favorite snacks.  Uno will be played.  And then I'm going to try to talk my kids into watching Lord of the Rings for the first time. 

Or maybe we'll just end up watching Shaun the Sheep again.  Whatever.  Happy New Year, Readers!  May 2016 bring you joy, good books to read, and your favorite snacks!


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