Sunday, April 17, 2016

Small Spaces

I don't think my entire house is ever in order at the same time. With two kids, a full time job, five pets, and my husband, it's just not something I'm willing to spend every waking moment on.  Who am I kidding?  I'm also kind of a slob.  Because of this, I revel in it when I have one space that really makes me happy.  I noticed that lately I tend to snap pictures of areas that really give me an emotional boost.  Then it occurred to me to share this idea on the blog.

I've been collecting pieces from The Pioneer Woman's kitchen line since it came out in the fall.  What I really love about this line is that it has lots of different colors and designs, but everything still fits together.  I've never been able to commit to a "theme" in my kitchen or even a color scheme.  Until now.  

Man, do I love this stuff.  I tend to lean a bit towards her "Flea Market" designs which are kind of hodge podge but are pulled together by a common color palette.  Not everything I have is from that line, though.  My dishes are Cowgirl Lace and Country Garden, but somehow they still magically coordinate.  I bought several pieces when it debuted but have been picking up a piece or two when I grocery shop at Wal-Mart once a week.  She's recently released linens into this line.  I've slowly been replacing my old, worn-out, mismatched towels each week.  It's weird how much something like that can lift my spirits.  Then I found this runner last week and put this together over the weekend after I took down all my Easter stuff.

I love the way this turned out.  Of course, I have to move my $5 Kroger flowers at night or the cats will knock them over.  

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