Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What's Up, Wednesday?

Earlier in the week on Friday, we went to a new restaurant in the area we've been wanting to try because both of the kids were at sleepovers.  It was a former church that they've remodeled into a brewery.  Dan had the pork chop, and I had a burger and fries.  It is my personal belief you can tell the quality of a restaurant by their burger and fries.  If they can't get that right, it's hard to believe they'll be able to do anything else.  My burger was really good, but those fries were on point.

It's odd when a national holiday falls on a Tuesday.  Several times today, I've thought that today is Monday because my husband had yesterday off for the 4th  and was home.  We had already celebrated the 4th on Sunday because the country club behind our house did their fireworks on Sunday night.  We let my daughter invite her class for a cookout, swimming, and fireworks.  My son also got to have a friend.  I've decided that throwing a party for a bunch of squirrely teenagers is the way to go for the 4th because they truly know how to have fun and enjoy the holiday.  They played pool volleyball, watched the fireworks, and made and ate lot o' s'mores.  It was great.

So on the actual 4th, we just lazed around, watched the Cubs play, and grilled steaks and watched the rest of Stranger Things on Netflix.  That made today feel like Monday after a really short weekend instead of a Wednesday.  I'm just impressed that I remembered to do this post.  I'll get back on track eventually, and if I don't, oh well.  It's summer.


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