Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Finding My Way Back


I am starting this blog with the hope of sharing my writing.  I have been a writer since I was old enough to write. It is what defined me in high school and what sustained me through college.  However, I've lost my way as a writer in my adult years mostly because I was no longer in an environment where there was a scheduled time to write and share it with someone.  This blog is my attempt to find my way back to the writing path.

I will be sharing the joy and frustration of mundane things: the ice cream cone, the incredible bargain, the broken transmission, the color of my dog's fur, the smiles of my children, the fresh baked bread, the sweet gestures of my husband.  I often find happiness in the ordinary.  If you don't look for that happiness in the little things, life will swallow you whole.

I am a wife, mother, teacher, and writer.  I am an introvert, thus the title of my blog.  I have arrived late to the ball as far as the blog world is concerned, but it seems it was made for someone like me.  I have only recently started to follow a few blogs.  It's funny, but in some ways, I feel I know the creators of the blogs I follow better than most of my co-workers and some of my relatives.  I know what they are reading and what they are making for dinner.  I know when they have dirty dishes in the sink stressing them out or are lamenting a broken engagement.  This is the miracle of writing to me.  It is a way to share the little things.  For an antisocial butterfly like me, it is a way to know people and to be known.


  1. Way to go, Kim! You will most certainly find the illusive road in a personal blog. I can attest to that. I started one when I moved to MN and ended up using it as a repository of my musings too.
    You'll have fun!!Lots of likeminded bloggers too.
    p.s. You can see mine at

  2. I will definitely check it out, MA. Thanks!