Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year

We had a wonderful Christmas.  We host Christmas Eve at our house.  It's a lot of work: the cooking, cleaning, arranging, last minute prep.  Add in that we always attend 4:00 Mass because our daughter sings in the choir.  We have to be there at 3:30 if we want to sit down.  And I prefer sitting down.   Apparently there are three times as many Catholics on Christmas Eve and Easter.  But it's worth it.  On Christmas Day, we open Santa's presents, eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and warm up leftovers for lunch. The kids spend the morning playing with their new toys.  No one comes over, and we don't go anywhere.

It's heaven.

Later in the evening, we went to see Frozen.  We all loved it.  We also went to the movies on Christmas evening last year (Rise of the Guardians).  I'm thinking this is going to become a tradition.

New Year's Eve is spent at home with our kids.  I like to make it a little special, so we have an all appetizer dinner.  Shrimp cocktail, vegetable pizza, sour dough bread with dill dip, and Shirley Temples.  Now you're talking.

We played about ten games of Uno too.  We like to live dangerously around here.  The kids got to stay up until midnight.

I've been thinking a lot about the New Year.  My mind is all over the place lately.  I don't make resolutions anymore.  I do need to write down some ideas about the direction I'm going to try to travel in for 2014.  The roads you take can lead to some interesting places, some intended and some not.  Either way, if you don't occasionally look at the map and your route on it, you're probably not going to end up anywhere near where you wanted to be.  You end up looking around in confusion thinking, "How did this happen?"  Here's to planning the trip and the intended destinations and unexpected detours along the way.


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  1. This sounds likea great time! We went and saw Frozen too, it was so good!