Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happy 2nd Anniversary AAB!

My wedding anniversary is only four days before my blog's anniversary.  This always helps me remember An Antisocial Butterfly (AAB) was born on June 18th, 2013.  It was a scary thing to publish those first few posts.  I'm a pretty private person and sharing personal things can be terrifying for me at times.  But this year brought me two of my most viewed posts, Just Like in Real Life (Why You Won't Hear Me Complain About Facebook) and The DNA of My Story.  I really loved both of these pieces and was glad they were read by so many people. 

My other anniversary (13 years of marriage) got me to thinking about what makes the longevity of something successful.  I try to make my marriage a priority in my life and feel like most of the time, I do a good job with that.  Time and effort are both key in making something positive last. 

My husband and I got away for a night the week before our anniversary. 

But when I looked back over the frequency of my posts to the blog, I feel bad.  I've neglected keeping up.  I'm not happy with the time or effort I've put into writing.  I've got to try to change that since writing does make me happy.  And that was the whole point of starting AAB to begin with.  Not money or reach.  Writing was the point.  Yes, life gets in the way of that, but without it, I'd have nothing to write about. 

So, more time and effort into the blog!  That's my goal.  Happy Anniversary An Antisocial Butterfly!  I promise I'll try to do better! 


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