Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Up, Wednesday?

Valentine's Day fell squarely on the suckiest day of the week this year, aka Tuesday.  Because of this, I did our annual Valentine's Day Breakfast on the Saturday before.

Omg, those Paczki with raspberry filling...

I bought some really cute Valentine's Day stuff from the Target Dollar Spot this year, but this banner with its little clips just may be my favorite.  Look how adorable it is with our Valentine cards on it!!!!

And Tuesday wasn't so bad after all because my husband got lunch from Panera and delivered it to me at work.  He also got me some bee-you-tiful flowers.  I love that guy.

We also went to see the Lego Batman movie.  Loved.

Our washing machine experienced a hiccup. 

A bearing was bad, but luckily Dan knew that and rustled us up a new one and replaced it.  He had it up and running the next day.  This makes me want to go into a long tirade about the importance of teaching things like this in school since this probably saved us the cost of a new washing machine.  I won't go into said long tirade because I think I just made my point in the previous sentence.  Take that, PARCC.

This is my new Plunder Posse.  It's a pineapple necklace and earrings!  It could not have pleased me more. 

Teacher friends, I have found the Holy Grail of school supplies - the glue sponge.  I saw these on Pinterest this summer but I'm never a believer of any Pinterest hack until I try it.  These take the most worthless school supply of all, the bottle of white glue that works exactly one time before it somehow dries up and can never be squeezed again without the aid of a paper clip plunger (and even then it still doesn't work like it originally did) and makes it into glue kids can actually use all year!!!!!    Now I hear what you're saying.  "That's crazy talk, Kim!"   But trust me friends.

Then there's this: I feel like I keep getting drawn towards preschool age things.  Yes, I did buy some toys this week that nobody who lives in my house will play with.  I also bought some books that are even a little young for the second graders I teach (although I'll still take them to work and they will love them).  I'm trying to figure out what this means. I feel like it means something.  I'll figure it out one of these days.  Until then, I'll just keep letting it lead me to these lovely things.

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