Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What's Up, Wednesday?

I'm going to lead off with  - It snowed all afternoon today!!! Never mind that it was close to 60 and foggy the two previous days or that it's going to be warm again this weekend.  This was beautiful.  We had early dismissal today due to teacher meetings, which meant I got to gaze out our library windows all afternoon, watching the snow fall.

Tyrion got a little snowy.

Now just a couple, three, four things more...

I debuted my Plunder jewelry page this weekend, Kim's Plunder this weekend.  Check it out!  I am swooning over this jewelry.  If you'd like to earn some free, gorgeous baubles, let me know.  We can do a FB party or a "in real life" party.  Here are few of my faves:

Two obvious things: 1) I cannot afford a professional (aka: good)  model and 2) These are taken in my classroom before school starts so that I still look like a human being.

We took the kids and hit an Illini game this weekend...but not just any Illini game, an Illini game with a showing of the Cubs World Series trophy.  Yay!!!  We got a pretty good package deal for their Social Media Day - four tickets, four t-shirts, four foam basketballs, and $40 in concession vouchers for under $100. 

Sock of the Month arrived this week too.  This was a Christmas gift for my husband and me.  These socks are made right here in America.  (I'm also kind of loving that our pairs coordinate, if you want to know the truth.)



Aaaaaaaand I started this book:

At the start this is reminding me of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier which I loved.  But it's its own person too.  If that makes any sense.  (Trust me, it does if you're read them both.)

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