Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What's Up, Wednesday? I'm BAAAAAAAACK!

It was the middle of March the last time I did a Wednesday post.  I only know that because Blogger dates these posts for me.  From that point until now has been one big blur, but I'll try to recap:

First there was Spring Break and Easter:
 Early dismissal for Spring Break meant lunch at a local burger joint with its distinctive chicken car.


 How cute is this place?

 Just a quick trip to a winery before we ran home...
 to dye Easter eggs.

Then my daughter graduated from 8th grade.  She's been at her school since she was 4 years old, so this was a big deal for us.

Don't forget Mother's Day...

Then my son turned 12.  Next year I'll have two teenagers. ?

Then my daughter had her Confirmation. 

Somewhere in there, I interviewed for and was offered a job teaching second grade at a different school in my same district that I accepted.

My new school's mascot is a dragon.  How cool is that for this GoT fangirl?

And then the end of the school year was upon us, and I had to move everything out of my classroom yet again this year.  So after lots of packing and trips to the car and my husband's truck,  my classroom was all nice & empty...

but here's what my garage looks like right now:

My daughter's dance recital weekend was last weekend.  It was four shows from Thursday to Sunday.

Then my husband and I made a quick three day get-away for our 15th wedding anniversary.

And then we had Father's Day at our house on Sunday.

The Four Dads - picture credit goes to my brother's awesome gal

Taco Bar for Father's Day!

So, I think that hits the major points thus far. 

I'm back now and ready to get to more regular posting.  I haven't done a Book Receipt Post since February because...well, I hadn't read any books until this month.  Sad.  I intend to remedy that this month as well!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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