Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What's Up, Wednesday?

Welp, after reporting on our offer for a farmhouse last week, said farmhouse was snatched out from under us a mere 12 hours later.  Disappointing, to be sure, but also not meant to be.  <whomp, whomp>  The good news is we were going to rent a storage unit the next day and spend the 4th of July weekend cleaning like maniacs, so we got to enjoy the weekend after all.

Instead of purging and scrubbing our entire household, we went out on a date on Friday to start the long weekend out right, which is always a good way to console yourself.  We haven't done this much this summer.  It had been a year since we had been back to this microbrewery and restaurant that we love, and the peach hard cider was calling our names.  We went to see The Legend of Tarzan afterwards, which was okay, but Alexander Skarsgard, so - great.

The next morning we made it to the Farmer's Market.  Delicious cherries and cantelope and beautiful flowers were the result of that trip.

Another thrift share this week!  Check out my "new" Kate Spade score!  Aaaand it was 30% off its thrifted price!!  As the old saying goes, "Unlucky in house purchases, lucky in purse thrifting."  Or something like that.

I had to watch Jaws on the 4th of July because - tradition.  Then the boy ended up watching it later in the day, (AMC screened it several times during that 24 hours) and I caught it in the middle of the movie and watched it again.  We cooked out and watched the fireworks in our backyard and made s'mores. 

I finished up Mary Kubica's new book, Don't You Cry last night.  I had not read any of Kubica's books until last month when The Good Girl came in for me at the library.  I had put Don't You Cry and The Good Girl on my request list at the same time (before Don't You Cry even came out), so it was a happy surprise that they came in so close together.  I liked Don't You Cry even better than The Good Girl. 


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