Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What's Up, Wednesday? Thankgiving Eve Edition

Ahhhhh...Thanksgiving Eve - The day before Thanksgiving, or as I like to call it "The One Day a Year I Use The Attachments On My Vacuum". 

Seriously though, I am so happy to have this day off.  It's something my school district started last year and is so awesome.  I got to sleep in this morning (thanks to my husband who got the kids up for their half day of school) and didn't have to kill myself trying to cook everything in a few hours and then clean the house.  I had some good help this year too.  The girl asked if she could help cook, and it made things a lot easier on me.  The boy is really a great gopher at this point in his career because he is so quick with his young legs.

We started our break off right last night with dinner at Steak and Shake.

When we picked the kids up at 11:30 today, we hit Panera for lunch.  The boy has long been a fan of their chicken noodle soup and loves to dip his baguette in it.  A revelation came to Dan to get him to try a chicken noodle soup bread bowl.  He was a fan. 

 We ordered pizza tonight because I am a big believer in not cooking at all on Thanksgiving Eve if you are cooking the meal the next day for 17 people.  

We took a break at 7:00 because this:

is a tradition.  After that it was time to bust out the aforementioned vacuum attachments.  How do those ceiling fans get so gross?  I really hate cleaning, but I love Thanksgiving.  Hope yours is a good one!


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