Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Reading Receipt

This was the month of the Kindle for me.  I frequently stock up on amazing titles when they are on  sale for my Kindle.  Because I also use the library a lot, I sometimes forget about what I have waiting for me on my handy little reading device.  I've been waiting on a title from the library for longer than usual, so I turned to the Kindle this month, pleasantly surprised at what was waiting for me there.

Oh, and my number moved up to three this month!  This was partly due to the fact that I was sick one weekend and did nothing that Saturday except rest and read most of a whole book.  Said book was Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica.  This was the only Kubica book left for me to read and probably my favorite.  I liked the others, but I think I enjoyed this one a bit more than Don't You Cry, my previous favorite.

Next up was The One-in-a-Million Boy.  I heard of this one on a podcast I listen to.  It was on sale for Kindle shortly after that, so I couldn't resist.  This book was one of those rare little gems with a hard-to-summarize plot.  An eleven year old, never-named boy who loves lists and the Guinness Book of World Records meets a one hundred plus year old woman, Ona Victus, through the Boy Scouts.  We get to hear the story of her life and the story of the boy's parents as well.  It was both funny and sad with very likeable characters.  I was especially fond of the sections of the monologue the boy tapes of Ona telling her own story.

I finished The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood tonight.  This was a super bargain for only 99 cents.  Having read Oryx and Crake a couple of years ago, I knew I was getting an unbelievable deal from a dark wizard of a writer. Seriously, what must it be like to have an imagination's like Atwood's?  Quite disturbing, I would think.  This was a trip down a long, scary path.  Atwood is a master of dystopian fiction.  After reading one of her books, I always crave something lighter to shake the heebie-jeebies off my psyche.  Not sure what that will be next, but it's bound to be lighter than this one was.


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  1. I agree with your review for The One In A Million Boy. Likable characters and very different than I imagined it to be. It was a sweet surprise of a book!

    Here are my Nov reads: