Monday, July 1, 2013

Made It Monday

I am not that creative when it comes to doing crafty stuff.  I don't dream up projects for decorating.  But show me a picture of something I like, and I can copy like no one's business.

I found a picture of a wreath similar to the one I made on Pinterest.  Love Pinterest.  Can't understand why anyone wouldn't love Pinterest.  I'm thinking I'm even going to do a weekly feature on how Pinterest has taken over enriched my life.  But I digress.

I made this wreath for the Fourth of July.  I also love decorating by theme in my home.  It's the teacher in me, I think.  The grapevine wreath was $1.00, and the letter "H" was $2.50.  The silk flowers were $5.99 at Hobby Lobby, but I, of course, whipped out my handy coupon app on my cell phone for forty percent off of that.  I painted the letter "H" red and anchored it on with floral wire and stuck the flowers in the opposite side.  Ta-da!  All done!  And I have a snazzy wreath for my red front door. (No, I did not paint the door red for the Fourth. That is something Sandra Lee would do.)

I plan to use the red "H" for the Fourth of July, Valentine's Day, the month of September (thinking apple embellishments) and Christmas.  I'm going to change out the colored letter and flowers each month.
Besides "Made It Monday", I'm planning more weekly features for the blog.  Working on this blog and writing has been such a charge for me this summer.  I wish I could learn more about customizing layout and template itself but one thing at a time.



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