Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nifty Thrifty Thursday

If you read my soliloquy on my new infatuation with a thrift store, let me assure you the love affair rages on.  I decided to share some of my finds with you on the blog along with a few rules I've developed for the thrift store:

1. Go often.  They put out new items every day.  Different things go on sale every day.  And by sale, I mean 50% off what was already the thrift store price.  One visit I walked out with a pair of shoes, a dress, and three skirts for $20.

2. Browse.  You have to look carefully because the really good blouse is going to be hidden amongst a bunch of not so good ones.

3. Try on.  Since pieces in thrift stores come in a wide range of clothing lines, your size will vary.  Sometimes a size 8 will work.  Sometimes it will not.

It's hard to choose what my favorite find has been so far, but this purse is definitely in the top three.  I think I scored it on my second trip there.  It was on the wall behind the register, so I knew it was probably a good one.  They were protecting it, you see.  I spied some familiar little details on it.  I'd know those textured silver hearts anywhere.

The hardware on the purse caught my eye.
It's a Brighton!
As the manager handed it to me, I asked, "Is this a Brighton?"  She smiled, "It is." And then she said something that made my heart leap for joy, "It was $75, but it just went on tag sale.  It's half off."  She then proceeded to show me the label inside to assure me it was authentic.
 Then I checked out this adorable pink and orange floral lining and fell even more in love.  "I'll take it, " I said.
I love a cute liner in a purse or coat.
This purse was $37.50 when all was said and done. If you look them up online or go into Von Maur, you'll see that they retail for somewhere between $200 to $500. 
I was thrilled to discover this little purse.  It goes with everything and is just the right size for what I like to carry with me.  I am especially charmed by the silver heart hardware and fetching lining.  All my jewelry is white metal, so it's perfect for me.  What's even better - if something happens to it (gets lost or is chewed up by the dog), I know I didn't spend what amounts to a car payment on it.  It's of great quality, so I know it will last for years of regular wear.  It's a classic style and color, so it won't look outdated in a year.  I chose the word "discover" at the beginning of this paragraph because that's what if felt like - the discovery of  a treasure hidden just for me.  With a great price tag.


  1. Terrific find! Knowing your brands and their details really does pay off, I just had a similar experience with a Vera Bradley I spotted from several aisles away.