Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What's Up, Wednesday?

What's up this Wednesday?  The first day of fall

I'm not sure why everyone gets excited about the official first day of fall because it's not like the weather automatically switches over on this day.  I guess it's just the idea that the leaves could start to change color and the temperatures could start to permit the wearing of boots and sweaters any minute.  Sometimes the idea is enough to get you through another day.

I will say that lately, the temps haven't been too awful on every day.  This week has been downright pleasant.  And some other signs of fall are definitely popping up. 

Like Halloween costumes...

  This actually might give me a nightmare somewhere down the road.

And our city's annual Arts in the Park festival...

I've been going to this event since I moved here 16 years ago.  Love it!

And speaking of our city, we just had a Dunkin' Donuts open here.  I was keeping a personal countdown and driving my husband a little nuts.

One more thing...

I started reading The Martian this week.  I'm not a huge science fiction gal, but I saw several recommendations for this one.  About two weeks later, I saw it has been made into a movie.  Then it was a daily Kindle deal for $1.99, so I snagged it immediately.  I'm really glad I did because it's a real page turner.  Can you say that about an e-book?  Maybe I should say it's a real finger swiper.  Either way, read it if you get a chance!


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