Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's Up, Wednesday

First of all - TOMORROW IS OCTOBER!  And the weather actually started to behave accordingly today.

B) Jury Duty - I had to go three days this week.  I was called twice, first to be on the jury and second to be an alternate.  Both cases failed to go to trial because they were settled out of court shortly after they called the jurors.  Anywho, I'm done for the week now.  Plus, I got to go out for lunch with my husband twice because of the different lunch schedule. We almost never get to do that during the work week.

3. Todd Snider Concert - Yay!  Wrote a longer post about this here.

IV. The girl had her first performance with the dance company she joined this year. 

I treated her to a Starbucks chocolate chip Frappuccino afterwards.  I think she liked it.

5th - It was the last week for the Farmer's Market.  I really will miss these beautiful flowers in my house every week.

And next to last, this book...creepy.  I mean that in the best way.  I was lucky it came in from the library because you can't take a Kindle or iPad into the courthouse to read on.  I was reading The Martian at night on my iPad and Somebody I Used to Know at the courthouse.  I finished The Martian last night.  Now I can devote my time solely to this little gem.

And finally, the dogs got new Halloween collars this week.  Well, they weren't exactly new because I bought them after last Halloween when they were on clearance.  So they are new, but just from last year. Never mind.  I love the look on my pug's face.  Actually, I always love his face.


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