Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What's Up, Wednesday?

Wednesday snuck up on me this week because of Labor Day.  Who am I kidding?  It sneaks up on me every week as far as this deadline goes.  Here's what's up.

My kids have never seen the original Star Wars triology.  I saw all these movies at the movie theater as a child and was in awe. The original triology was available on DVD at Wal-Mart this week because of the premiere of the merchandise for the upcoming movie.  I just could not resist.  We watched A New Hope Sunday night and will be screening The Empire Strikes Back this coming weekend.

The Friends of the Library held their used book sale this weekend.  They have a used book sale every month, but this was the mother of them all.  70,000 titles with hardbacks going for $1 and paperbacks 50 cents.  It was like stepping into a dream.

And while we're on the subject of books...

I am currently reading The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny.  It's the first I've read of her Inspector Gamache series.  I like this one so far and am hoping to check out some of the others.

I changed over my decorations for the month.  I do this every month because I enjoy the lift it gives my house.   I loved how this little vignette turned out.  We have crazy growing cockscomb in our back yard right now and I thought the pink-maroon complimented the green in this apple.

We went to the Labor Day parade in my hometown on Monday.  One word: HOT!  I am so weary of this hot weather.  Love this flag, though.

And finally, this arrived today.

It is one of the many pieces I ordered from The Pioneer Woman collection that debuted at Wal-Mart last week.  When I saw the collection online September 1st, I pretty much went into "Buy All The Things!" mode.  Not really.  But yeah.  I love this piece and can't wait for the other things I ordered to come.

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  1. I just started my first Louise Penny novel as well. I'm reading Still Life and am only a few chapters in, but so far it's not quite as good as I was expecting. I'm hoping it gets better!

  2. After I read a few books that I have to right reviews for (I caught mono and got way behind! Eek!) I plan on reading the first Inspector Gamache novel. I love mysteries. I hope it will be good!