Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What's Up, Wednesday?

Welcome to What's Up, Wednesday? or as I like to call it, a stroll down my Photo Stream from last week.

First of all, Finding Dory in 3D was fun.  We've been waiting for this one to come out.  Our local theater, The Avon, does not charge extra for 3D.  We always try to see movies here anyway since it's locally owned, but the free 3D just seals the deal. 

Blueberry Time!  It's a real thing with us.

It was Blueberry Time this week.  We've been going to the same blueberry farm since our kids were one and three.  This year it was HOT!  We did not have to go on Saturday, but I find if you put this kind of thing of seasonal thing off, you are less and less likely to go every day.  So we toughed it out and picked for an hour.  And oh, the bounty!

It was so hot that day that it nessecitated me getting in the pool that evening.  Again folks, it has to HOT for me to get in the pool.  The whole family (even our pug, Jack) got in the pool in the evening. 

Not the best picture of Jack because he's hard to photograph.  Diva.  But that's him wrapped in a towel after his evening swim.  You might not guess it, but he is quite an excellent swimmer.

I've been finishing up Eat, Pray, Love Made Me Do It this week.  Enjoyable.

My dad's birthday was this week.

 We took him a birthday cake later in the evening and spent some time visiting with my parents in Pana.  We went later in the evening because...

We made an offer on a house that afternoon.  After the owner's counteroffer and another counteroffer from us, the owner accepted our counteroffer last night!!!!  On the heels of this came all the anxiety of, "Oh, crap!  Now we have to sell our house!"   Our offer was contingent on our home selling, so this is by no means a done deal.  I hesitated to even share this news, but since our house will be going on the market, it's not like we can keep it a secret. 

It's a old farmhouse on three acres.  You might remember me talking about this being our dream in my post "Chalkboards and The Universe".  This post seems pretty prophetic right now, but again, this is far from done.  What I keep trying to remind myself of now is, "Your will, God, not mine."  I'm not the best at this way of thinking, but I believe you get practice for what you need to develop.  If it's meant to be, it will be.  All we can do is rent a storage unit and start decluttering.  I'm just trying to keep this picture in my mind.


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