Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What's Up, Wednesday?

The first "What's Up?" of 2017 - let's do this.

Rogue One was very, very good.  We got to go for free because the realtor we worked with this year rented out the theater for a customer appreciation night.  This was pretty nice considering we neither sold nor bought a house this year.  We did make a formal offer on one, and that's what got us the invite, complete with free popcorn and drinks.

When I heard that Carrie Fisher died a few days before we went to see this, my reaction was kind of "Awww, that's too bad, " and I went about my day.  So it took me off guard when the final scene of Rogue One snuck up and sucker punched me in the feels.  I actually teared up.  Whoa, where did that come from? 

I finished my last book of 2016, Hillbilly Elegy.  I related to this book for a number of reasons: I teach kids who live in poverty, my paternal grandfather was a coal miner for a number of years, and my maternal grandmother left high school due to poverty, but the bottom line is:  I think this is a good book for a lot of people to read.

New Year's Eve was rocking -  appetizers for dinner and trivial pursuit!

My office space got a tad out of control in December what with work and the holidays:

but I managed to get it back to workable on Monday.

Also my wonderful husband put in a light fixture and ceiling fan there. This room has always been lacking in lighting department.  Do you ever finally bite the bullet and tackle a home improvement project and then ask yourself, "Why in the world didn't we do this sooner?"  Yeah, us too.

My Donor's Choose math project was fully funded right before Christmas.  Boxes started arriving today!

I also kicked off a #onepictellsastory on Instagram this week - one picture a day for the whole 365. 

We're due for snow tomorrow.  I'm really looking forward to it.  How else are we supposed to know it's January?

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