Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What's Up, Wednesday?

What's up this week?

I finished a good book about Bob Dylan by Bob Dylan. I've always admired Dylan's "I Do What I Want" attitude.  Who else wins the Nobel Prize for poetry but doesn't show up for the award ceremony?

We started watching The Crown on Netflix on Monday.  John Lithgow is my favorite.  My husband is sick now, so we haven't been able to watch more.  Hopefully this weekend, he'll feel a little better and it will be a great excuse to take it easy on the couch and finish the season. 

New flowers this week too - they're good for what ails me.  What is ailing me right now is all this gray, gloomy weather. Oh sure, it's been warmer, but I'd rather it be ten below zero and sunny than this.  Blechhh!  But these flowers?  They brighten the place up.

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