Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What's Up, Wednesday?

Okay, here's the thing.  It's been cold.  Then today it got warm.  I hate that.  Let me just duck while you all throw rotten tomatoes at me, but I love the cold.  But more specifically what I love is coming inside after being out in the cold and getting cozy.  Which is why I was about as happy as I can be when I came home after grocery shopping on Friday (the day I took the above pic) to a fire my husband had made and an evening to read this book on the couch with my dogs.

This twice baked potato was miraculous.  Somebody my husband works with gave us a couple of these recently, explaining that he has perfected this particular culinary delight.  He wasn't wrong.

Also, the Target Dollar Spot this month has been phenomenal.  I have bought lots of banners.  Lots. Of. Banners.  This little tray may just be my favorite though.  Florals for the win every time.

I'm not at all sorry to have made up this whole #onepictellsastory deal on Instagram, even though I do realize I could have just saved myself a lot of time and told some people on Facebook to unfollow me. (LOL)   It makes me stop and appreciate moments like this.

We've been getting more math stuff in from my Donor's Choose project and have started to reap the benefits in class. 

Also, we did this writing project about Martin Luther King, Jr. last week.  They were supposed to write about their own dream.  They each have a picture on the side with them looking thoughtful (which I cropped out of this pic for privacy's sake), and I was happy with how supercute these turned out to be.  Oh, and meanwhile I'm just over here livin' the dream...

Last, the girl represented her school in the Catholic Schools Spelling Bee today.  In typical fashion for her, she took it all in stride and didn't even study or tell us about it until the last minute.  She made it to the top 5.  The word she missed was "Icarus".  I told she flew too close to the sun, and she totally got the reference and proceeded to explain to my son and husband why that was funny.  I think I was more proud of her for that than for going to the Spelling Bee.

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