Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Literature and Libations

Books and Beer?  Wine and Words?  I had what was probably one of my favorite get togethers ever this summer.  And it was also extremely easy to do.  It was a book exchange/wine and beer tasting party I dubbed "Literature and Libations".

You can blame Game of Thrones for the fancy name.  I think the term "libations" has been in my head since the show premiered and I read the books. I even have a Pinterest board entitled "Libations" that you can follow HERE if you would like. When I was trying to think of a catchy title for this party, I was looking for some alliteration.

Several years ago, the girl and I threw a Book Exchange/Swimming Party for her friends when they were in third grade.  We did lots of cutesy things that you can read all about that HERE.  For the adult version, I didn't go to as much trouble although I do have to say that the we had lots of fun planning the kid version.

I sent out a link to a free evite to some Facebook friends and asked them to bring a book they didn't mind trading and a favorite wine or beer on the designated evening.  

I had about six books I didn't mind getting rid of, so I put those in a basket.  These were the "Trade" portion of the evening.

    I found this horse head at a flea market at the beginning of the summer.  It is now my favorite.

We already had a variety of leftover craft beers from places we have visited over the last couple of years and a few bottles of wine we bought when visiting different vineyards.  Those all came out as well as three or four new varieties of beer I picked up at Friar Tuck.  This was the "Try" portion of the evening.

I also used some of my Amazon gift card credit to buy these little beer sample glasses because OH MY GOSH - THE CUTENESS!!! They were only $10.  

The food was really easy as well.  I put out different kinds of grapes, dried fruit, cheese, and crackers.  All of this came from Aldi.  

I ended up with an abundance of varieties of drinks and books.  My one regret is that I didn't take any "during" pictures.

    Just a sample of what everyone brought...

   And more of what my guests brought...

Everyone went home with a new read and lived happily every after. 

Well, that may be an overstatement.  I can't speak to the rest of their lives.  But they went home with a new book anyway.


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  1. What a great party. I love the idea of a book trade and the beer glasses are adorable!