Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What's Up, Wednesday?

It's here again.  Time for: What's Up, Wednesday? (Okay, so I've only done it one other time, but I'm trying to make like it's a thing, so play along would you?)

It's been a week tied to music.  First on Friday I saw Todd Snider was going to play at one of my favorite theaters, The Castle, in September.  The Castle is a smaller venue and only an hour away from us.  We haven't seen him in over 12 years, but in the spririt of "We're Still Going To Do Fun Things When I Go Back To Work" we decided we were going and bought tickets.  (And let's face it, if I'm going to keep posting "What's Up, Wednesday?" I'm going to need to do some fun things or those posts will just be about doing laundry and fixing lunches.<shudder>)

Then my younger brother landed a gig just a half hour away at the new winery in my hometown, Arpeggio.  See what I mean about music related topics this week?  Even the name of the winery fits in!  So we went to that on Sunday and drank many kinds of Sangria (pomegranate, peach, and blackberry) and picked up a bottle of their Dolce.  Delightful outing.

And look at the bottle of wine we bought, for crying out loud!  It has a guitar on it!

And then on Monday we hit the jackpot. We were waiting on pins and needles to see if Jason Isbell was, in fact, going to play in Carbondale as it was rumored.  At noon, it was announced that he would be playing a FREE show there in October.  And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, ten minutes later The Castle announced via Facebook that he was going to be playing there the day after he is playing in Carbondale. He currently has the #1 rock, country, and folk record  IN THE COUNTRY, people.  All of this with little to no radio or t.v. time.  This is a big deal.  So just like Deadheads, we will be following him around to see him perform that weekend.  I wrote a post about seeing him at The Castle a year ago. You can read about that HERE.

A few pictures from when we saw Jason Isbell at The Castle last summer...

So, yeah, a lot of music related items going on this week.  

I also finished reading this book, The Antelope in the Living Room, by Melanie Shankle.  I found myself chuckling out loud (COL - let's try to get that acronym to catch on) every few pages.

We've really tried to have date nights this summer.  This was something we rarely did when our kids were young.  I mean very rarely.  But we've found a great baby-sitter and the kids are older now, so we've gone out several times this summer.  Last week we drove to Springfield and ate at Obed and Isaac's Microbrewery and Eatery.  The food was fantastic and so was the peach hard cider.  And you have to love the history of this place.  

And finally I went in to set up my classroom this weekend.  It was not too humid, and I had volunteers.  Not only does this make it get done more quickly, it makes it more fun. Thanks to my husband and kids for helping me out on this!

  Only 10 more days until school starts, so I need to enjoy drinking my morning coffee at 9:30 on my deck while I can.


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