Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What's Up, Wednesday?

What's up this Wednesday?  Well, funny you should ask...

There's this:

One last week enjoying the view from my deck with my dogs all morning.  Back to work on Thursday...

Of course, this book shows up from the library today.

Now what am I supposed to do about this?  My name had all summer to come up on the waiting list, but my number comes up one day before I'm supposed to return to work.  Looks like some sleep will have to be sacrificed.

In other news, my kids have graduated from Monopoly Jr. to the real Monopoly.  We tried to explain to them that it takes at least 29 hours to have a winner in the real Monopoly, but they would not be deterred.  So even though the house was a mess, the laundry was piling up, and the lawn had not been mowed in over a week, we sat around in our pajamas Saturday afternoon and played for two hours.  At the end of these two hours we added up everybody's total.  The girl was the big winner.

You know what I've rediscovered?  Listening to a whole album.  iTunes has changed the way I've listened to music over the past 10 years, but after buying whole albums of a couple of new artists, I'm remembering how great it is to listen to a whole album from beginning to end.  I'm remembering how it's a completely different experience.  So Tuesday night, I went ahead and completed a few albums that I had cherry picked a few songs from.  At one time I owned these actual albums and knew every word of every song.  But in the event of the digital music explosion, I didn't buy the whole album for some reason.  Do you ever have that sensation when you're listening to, say, a "Hurts So Good" on your iPod and still expect "Jack and Diane" to come on right after?  But it doesn't.  Well, it will now for me.

What else?  Some choice finds at a Farmer's Market.  These flowers.  Happiness.

And you know what else is cool?  Reading two books at once. Writer Gretchen Rubin mentioned on her blog this week that her husband inspired her to start doing this.  I've never been a fan of this, but I got this book from my library request list and think it is the perfect book to read a little bit at a time while reading a fiction choice as well.  It's the letters of Flannery O'Connor.  What a pistol O'Connor was.  Really enjoying it and I have like, 4 renewals on it.  I think the last time someone checked it out was in the 90's, so I'm think I'm good for a bit.  Or at least for a few more Wednesdays.

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  1. Oh, I love Flannery O'Connor — I need to check out that book!