Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's Up, Wednesday?

I decided to give myself the task of posting every Wednesday in order to get myself on a schedule with the blog.  I've stuck with it and kind of like having a deadline each week.  This makes me think that I need to give myself another regular assignment each week.  Hmmm...

Anyway, here's what's up this Wednesday.

A first time trip to the State Fair -

 -out 'til midnight on a Friday night with our kids.  This was a new experience.  We had a blast.

   This is my favorite fair food...the elusive elephant ear!

Farmer's Market on Saturday and these flowers -  be still my heart.

The first STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, arts, and math) event at our kids' school - building muscle carts and racing them.  

An afternoon with friends at a local winery that felt like fall - Fall, please come early this year.

And starting a new book


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