Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bathroom and Patience Renovation...Part Deux

Patience is a virtue.

Good things come to those who wait.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

And any other cliché you can think of to extol the importance of things taking time.

It is done.

Our half bathroom off our master bedroom is renovated.

It only took four weeks.  Four. Long. Weeks.  You can see my original post on this HERE.

During the last week, I started saying things to Dan like, "I can't live like this," and "This is becoming intolerable."  I said them calmly.  I was just trying to let him know that I could see my breaking point approaching in the distance.  In his defense, he has been working 10 hour days for pretty much the entire summer.  So he didn't always feel like coming home and working on anything.  But other than that, I think we both did pretty good.

So now - pictures!  It is possible I may have had my 12 year old show me how to make these collages on the Collage Pic app.  In my defense, I only needed a little help. 

So without further ado...the new bathroom "Before" and "After" pics!

This first...the wall you see as you walk in.  Wow. What a difference. 

The wainscoting was necessary because when Dan pulled the flat mirror off the wall, he discovered...a big square hole in the middle of the wall.  Yes, we could have just hung new drywall, but the walls are textured, so it wouldn't have matched, then we would have had to do all the other walls...enough of this run-on sentence.  But that is what it feels like when you remodel.  First this, then that, so not this, but instead that.  It's like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, for crying out loud.  It all turned out for the best because I looooove the way the wainscot looks.

And a few detail shots of this wall...

Next...the sink and mirror.

As I mentioned, the mirror over the sink before was just flat to the wall.  But the new mirror I picked does double duty.  It's actually a medicine cabinet style that opens and has shelves.

And just one more shot of the old sink cabinet and new pedestal sink...

I didn't think I wanted a pedestal sink going into this remodel because I thought it was really going to limit the surface space.  But when you look at the two side by side like this, you can see there's really not much of a difference as far as surface space goes.

And the wall with the toilet next to the sink...

I didn't take a "Before" picture of this.  Now I really wish I had.  Nuts.  Just use your imagination.

Here's one of the old light fixture above the old mirror and the new light fixture above the new mirror.  This one is a little unfair to the "Before" picture because the old fixture is missing a light bulb that we could have replaced.  But the whole room was so depressing, it was like, why bother?  So we didn't.

Last up...old floor/new floor...

The floor was also something we also had to do along the way.  We knew it was probably going to be necessary but weren't sure until Dan actually pulled out the old sink cabinet.  Yep, no tile under there.  It was news to me that they had porcelain tile that is made to look kind of like wood floor.  I LOVED this floor.  It reminded me of an old farmhouse floor where the hardwood has been whitewashed.  But instead it's actually beautiful porcelain, so no splinters or lead paint!  I have to hand it to Dan here.  We bought exactly enough to cover the floor.  There wasn't one scrap left over when he was done.  Good thing he didn't make any cutting mistakes!

This last picture is a my attempt at using the panoramic function on my phone.  Not perfect, but it gives you a little bit of an idea of what the whole room looks like.

Because you probably won't come up and walk around in our bathroom.  But now you can feel kind of like you did. You're welcome.


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